My name is Klaus Struve. Klaus, or Mr. Struve, if you prefer. I live in Kiel, the capital of Schleswig-Holstein, and I do genealogical research and related researches mainly in Schleswig-Holstein.

If you want to make any comments about my homepage, be welcome ! I refrained from installing a guest-book for certain good reasons.

You found a mistake somewhere ? Please draw my attention to it. Thanks.

If you want to know about my fees and terms of research, please ask for them.

If you have questions about a person you found in the lists of emigrants, like the date of birth that you need to verify identity, go ahead. I might have it, holding it back as it is unconfirmed yet, or I might be able to come up with it in due time.

If you agree with my fees and terms of research and want me to explore one of your ancestral lines, please give me the information about the person in question, if you can:

1. who is it
2. date and place of birth, and name the source you have this from
3. parents' names (source !)
4. married in Schleswig-Holstein or abroad
5. who with
6. children's names when born in Schleswig-Holstein
7. names of siblings if known, and if they emigrated
8. year of emigration
9. who of the family emigrated, and who of the family stayed behind.

This would ensure a smooth start, but I guess in most cases I will have less to go on.